documenting the maelstrom


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Documenting the maelstrom through comestibles.

Movement. Moving.

PhD submission deadline. Stretto-crescendo. Nearer and nearer.

Being (re)moved just 4 weeks before deadline.

Finding grace – saved from self-destruction by a Greyhound gaze… a kind offer, Lucy is safe, a cheap airticket, and a trip home.

Clement space. Familial grace. Old friends. Rally round for Bunny.

Work, work, work – at last! Phew!

More grace – a 3 week extension and a new deadline.

Even more grace – finding sanctuary,  true grace, not just a charity-doll.

Ironic juxtapositions.

Chaos, pandemonium! Almighty sensory mess!

Clemency inside the eye of the storm.

Refining intense focus despite disorder.

Noshment documents it all, silent witness to the turbulence.

PhD dissertation submitted!

Seven weeks of narrative via eclectic viands.

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