This may not sound much like ‘normal’ language… but… here’s the Bunny News Update thus far:

Still labouring at finishing the dissertation. Mother had a fall and is in hospital. Good to be in a decent single room. I am struggling ever onwards with Self and Other, my thesis in the forefront of attention, my trusty Macbook Pro goes with me, and there is free and fast wifi in the room. Money isn’t everything in life but it does help one suffer less miserably. A sober reminder of things-that-be, the forces of dictatorship, you know, that giant spoon stirring the froth, flotsam and jetsam in the grand cosmic coffee cup?

Gazing into my frothy iced kopi-tarek, and musing on the bizarre theatre that has enveloped me in recent months, turning over like mini-thought-pancakes the excruciating suffering (for Lucy as well as myself) and ironic but not-so-unexpected rich fodder this circus has provided to the theoretical-philosophical part of my work… and writing the prologue while nodding at Antonin Artaud…

This morning, I awoke with the following ‘thought stim’:

The lack of empathy is a human trait, not an autistic trait. Empathy is an Endeavour that requires meticulous and scrupulous pursuit, and specific to person and circumstances being generated. Pursuing empathy in one area does not confer empathy in another. Sadly, some humans just fail because they cannot be bothered to see beyond their own navels.

In some cases, navels are little crevices into which blobs of bling – real or imagined – are inserted. This perhaps creates an illusion of beauty? Or serves to hide the grit and dirt embedded beneath? In other cases, navels are so buried under folds of corpulent oleaginous self-importance that they cease to exist as entities.

Ah… navels…

Keep going, Every Bunny!


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