beautiful sunday


petite aria

A beautiful Sunday of reassuring undulating rhythmic respite is unfolding… Yes, I am talking about working… At last… Some release, relief, trickling through from that too long frustrated thwarted desire… The excruciating agony of crippling entrapment, the fragile winged creature flutters inside its cage, the golden liquid swishing violently against the unyielding containment of harsh cold metal jar, longing to be set free…

No, doing a Ph.D is not horrible, contrary to what so many have told me it would be… This has been the most wonderful experience of my lifetime! Instead, surviving life, struggling to stay alive, has been the perilous terror in pitch black darkness, conjuring opposing forces of such magnitude that at times have driven me to the edge of abysmal despair. And they are still trying to annihilate my spirit, mind and body.

Still, inhaling and exhaling at last… and it is clemency.

My beautiful canine child is sleeping… We are listening to Glenn Gould’s delivery of the Goldberg Variations… Sometimes, the body emanates a little contrapuntal wriggle, a feeble squigle, against the lines created by the eternal giant that is J.S. Bach…

C’est si bon!

Have a lovely Sunday, Every Bunny! ❤


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