scrambled eggs

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My brain feels like badly scrambled eggs. You know the kind where the fire is too hot, and the eggs become a jumbled mash of squidgy hardened blobs, not at all light and fluffy? Well, yep. That is how it feels like now.

So, what does the foodie Bunny eat when frantically rushing against the madly ticking clock? Ever the determined foodie, I am valiantly trying to feed myself as decently as possible. Of course, having spent all my money on the exhibition, the fare is less than luxurious.

Have fun with the food pictures. There is humour somewhere, though I am not sure I can manage anything more than a strangled gurgle for a laugh. Oh, and yeah, I threw in the photo of my swollen fingers for good measure.

Tally ho and on with the show!

2 thoughts on “scrambled eggs

  1. Bunny (if I may) good luck with your show! I like to describe things which feel messy as a scrambled egg. It’s a fabulous and favourite description but obviously I hope your brain unscrambles soon xx Sonia

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