Bullying: Resurrecting Buried Trauma

More on the topic of bullying, another eloquent piece from Alex.
While the fires rage on, the people who have promoted that terrible article (by a self-proclaimed experienced and successful ABA therapist) are stolidly refusing to back down… When will the self-proclaimed autism-focused ‘support’ programmes, practitioners, organizations, etc start to actually LISTEN to us autistics? Or are our voices invalid to your ‘higher order’ interpretations of who we are and what we feel and what’s good for us?

My Autistic Dance

When I was about 13-14 I was bullied at school. Not physical attacks; it was nothing so obvious. Name calling, “teasing”. I was the quiet one, the one who didn’t get involved in playground games but would rather spend time around books. I didn’t have anyone I’d call a friend, not because I didn’t want friends but because I had no idea how to form friendships.

I became more and more fearful of being at school. I used to fantasize on the journey there in the mornings about opening the car door and jumping out, although I was too afraid of injuring myself to attempt it. At the time I couldn’t articulate how I felt: I wasn’t able to put a name to my emotional state. My grades declined and I often didn’t complete homework, leading to punishments. I felt completely alone, insecure and vulnerable.

Things reached a climax one…

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