final revision

Here it is. The revised publicity text. After a meeting with my wonderful supervisors, it was agreed that my previous text was far to entrenched in academic (and hence not readily accessible) language. I wrote the poem while directly connected with the work, but when I wrote the previous text, I did so under the false impression that I needed to fulfill some kind of unspoken typical requirement to adhere to the prevalent domain. An example of the obedient autist performing to the tenets of the majority? Perhaps. I have had to learn compliance in order to survive, haven’t I?

I am very thankful to my supervisors for always affirming and guiding me back to my own intrinsic modalities. This one is rewritten true to innate expression. Sonata in Z is, after all, a work meant to embody empathy across all neuro-cultures and all levels of perception. Speaking through the senses. Thinking through the body.

I hope you like this one as much as I do!

Scheherazade's Sea

Dear friends, we have finalised the official write up / publicity for Sonata in Z. My supervisors felt the text should be less ‘academic’ and presented in a way that is accessible to all, in the same spirit of the exhibition, which is, after all, a space of mutual empathic grace. Here is the revised and final text. I hope you like this one better!

01srIMG_8422lucy bw02 COVER srIMG_8421lucy zz bw

Sonata in Z

An autistic human,
A greyhound dog.
Parallel Embodiments,
A journey of Being.
Endeavour of empathy,
Spaces of mind.
Sonorous communion,
Wordless interlocutions.
Enter barefoot
Scheherazade’s Sea:
Inside dreams.

Sonata in Z is a ‘gentle space’, inspired by my autistic hyper sensory quest for sanctuary, and my Greyhound Lucy’s natural ability to seek out and create oases of comfort. Unfolding like a musical sonata, visual images of Lucy in sonorous repose introduce the theme of rest. Please leave your shoes at the…

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