Ten Things Autistic Kids Pick Up Faster, Better, and With Less Trauma If They Aren’t Bullied Into Learning Them

Do not tell us to suck it up, pull up our socks, lick the silver lining and move on! I am still locked inside a shocked and traumatised nonverbality over the original offensive article. My hands are shaking as I type this, the PTSD from a life of being victimised in myriad ways (mostly subtle and insidious) by a plethora of people at different levels of connectivity, is not something to be made light of. I cannot unravel the chaos inside my Being for this, so I shall have to once more depend on my fellow autists to speak on my behalf. Thank you, Dani Alexis @AutisticAcademic, for yet another wonderfully eloquent post!

Autistic Academic

[UPDATED to include links to other rebuttals of this piece.]

In a previous post, I said that when people who support the abuse, bullying, and belittlement of autistic people “praise me for my accomplishments … it feels like a slap in the face.  You’re proud and impressed because I got here in spite of obstacles you created and that you support?

Object lesson: a piece posted today at Autism Daily Newscast and penned by Karen Kabaki-Sisto, titled “10 Perks Kids With Autism Get From Bullying.”  I won’t link to ADN’s site, but I have saved the article in .pdf format, which you can access here.

As an autistic adult who is spending thousands on therapy per year to treat the PTSD caused by childhood bullying, I’d like to do two things.  The first one is to unleash a barrage of swear words not limited to the languages…

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