patterns and the genesis of Self-Other


I read this blog post today. About using our intrinsic ability for pattern recognition to learn relatedness and interconnectivity. Pattern Recognition, Gaslighting and the Patterns of Abuse by Autistic Academic.

Straight forward. Simple language. Powerful message. I wish I knew this fifty years ago. Applies to all relationships, not merely romantic or friendships, but most essentially familial, because it is in the family, among siblings and parents, that one first learns perceptions of Self, Other and interconnectedness (or brokenness).

Pattern recognition is an autistic strength. Take it. Own it. Use it. Be empowered by our ability. Not subjugated.

My brain is whirling … The sentence loops audibly in my headspace, “If only I knew!” … My heart is scrunching into a sweet-sour high-pitched sigh, the pain screams inside hot white silence… Then, punctuating the deafening mute roar, Lucy speaks wordlessly from within her canine nonverbality of cosmic clemency:

“But you know now.” 

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