Falling Through: Further Thoughts on Women, Autism and Diagnosis

After I was first diagnosed, I was met with what to me was a monumental brick wall of denial from some people I once thought were my closest and best friends. Stolid refusal to accept the news. And the “But I get that too, so I must be autistic as well!” statements, meant either to make me feel better, or validate their own refusal to enter into any true empathic state with my new revelation, or even worse, as a callous joke, maybe? I do not know. Not one of those who said that to me ever went on to read up more on autism, nor seek professional help for themselves, hence, I can only surmise it was just a dismissal and nothing more. Anyway… Maybe they do not know what lay behind their own reactions either. Perhaps… there are none so blind as those who just will not to see?
A penetrating piece by artist and blogger Sonia Boue.


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