Sonata in Z – publicity

Sonata in Z

Scheherazade's Sea

01srIMG_8422lucy bw02 COVER srIMG_8421lucy zz bw

An autistic human,

A greyhound dog.

Parallel Embodiments,

A journey of Being.

Endeavour of empathy,

Spaces of mind.

Sonorous communion,

Wordless interlocutions.

Enter barefoot

Scheherazade’s Sea:



Inside dreams.

Sonata in Z (2015) completes a trilogy of physical studies in Autistic Parallel Embodiment and elemental empathy. The preceding two exhibitions – Roaring Whispers (2013) and Little Sweets 小甜心 (2014) – presented confrontations with the eclectic cacophonies of my autistic existential oxymoron. As a cadential resolution to the three-part opus, Sonata in Z unwraps sensorial equilibrium and tranquility. Prevalent social autocracy demands a performance of conformity, creating stressful unnatural dissonance for the autist. In Sonata in Z, social communion emanates from within natural autistic dimensions of sensory contentment. Drawing upon the well-documented connection between autistic persons and animals, Sonata in Z is directly inspired by my greyhound Lucy’s innate ability to locate and create intimate oases of comfort, and the…

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