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What have we been up to lately?

It has been extremely hot this long weekend. I am better in dry heat than in wet clammy cold. But poor Lucy has not been liking this weekend’s heatwave at all. I’ve had to sponge her down at half hour or hourly intervals, and keep interchanging her Kool Collar with the gel cool pack. Both fans are directed at her too. I wish I had air conditioning – if only just for my Princess. I’ve not dared to walk her, and thankfully, Lucy is a sensorially aware dog, she will not push herself in the heat anyway. We’ve made quick forays downstairs to the grass patch just for toilet breaks, and that is all. No walking around for us girls.

Saturday’s noshment with my friend Rick was a complete disaster – a comedic one perhaps. Burnt noodles, and Bak Kut Teh that to me was pretty delish but probably too strong (and weird) for poor Rick. All I can recall from that event was the vivid tonality of my screechy agitated voice babbling away (what rubbish I was spouting, I cannot recall!). My friends are patient folk.

Ice cream to the rescue, of course! And frozen chicken for Miss Lucy. It is also time for iced coffee. I tucked into the luxury of Nutella spread on raisin toast this morning too. And tidbits to keep me going while avidly slaving away? Oven toasted tofu puffs. Delicious with five spice powder, white pepper and salt sprinkle – but deadly painful to the mouth ulcers.

Well, the base for the Cuddly Cocoon is finished at last. And Lucy finally gave her stamp of approval today… As if she has been waiting for this final touch.

Time for bed, methinks. Now for the ritual of Moving the Hound (so I can reclaim my spot in bed).


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