trundling along

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We are almost halfway through September. The mind has been churning in frothy, heaving, cyclical waves. Anxiety grows ever more verdurous. I have no idea how I will pull it off, but the show must go on. It doesn’t feel all that long ago when I presented “Little Sweets” – but almost year has since passed.

As we trundle along, too many thought trajectories run through my mind, tripping over each other in a tangled mess of tentacles. This winter’s monumental feature has been the intense battle with sensory gremlins and physical exhaustion from the fight. I am extremely relieved that spring has sprung at last, yet wishing for time to move slower so I may achieve more as I stumble as quickly as I possiby can towards the finishing line.

September has seen new challenges added to the ongoing collection of serious puzzlement: my scholarship ceases this month, and while my college has taken care of tuition fees for the final semester, I am left without a living stipend. Grace has stepped in yet again, and with the help of a few wonderfully supportive friends, I will survive even this! However, I need to be extra careful, and juggling has never been one of my particular talents. This final exhibition is extremely costly. I am unable to make use of any existing material at hand, having already used up most of my ecelectic stash of recyclables. Friends have chipped in to help in this area too, but art is expensive nevertheless, even when rummaging around second hand shops.

Food – how to budget for it, what to buy and when, and its preparation and presentation – remains a key part of the journey, of course.

We persevere, nevertheless.

Is that the Coles delivery van I hear outside? Yes, it is. Time for another batch of noshments!


Postscript: It’s past 9pm. The delivery guy was smiling and cheerful, despite having just lugged my groceries up the stairs to my door. I am not the only one working hard.


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