allegro con brio

A fitful night. Strange dreams. Shivering cold / sizzling heat – sensory imbalances. Terrifying and overwhelming fear-anxiety – how will I ever get this project (Sonata in Z) out of the bog and up and running? 

Anchored to grace by a warm, black Greyhound.

I do not like sharing my bed, but Lucy has been snuggling up close since the cold weather set in, and I cannot bear to push her away. Last night, her presence was most appreciated. It was a sensory companionship, not a social one – like a weighted blanket, or Temple Grandin’s famous squeeze machine, Lucy’s body was the bulwark of clemency that my overwrought senses needed.

In my five decades of existence, there has been nothing more beautiful than waking up to the vision of those eyes glowing in the semi-darkness, enveloped by the wordless, emanating gentleness. My work is always the pursuit of passion that I look forward to every new day. But Lucy is the one that makes the endeavour of rising to take hold of that passion possible, even adding luscious textural nuances to the act itself.

A different being. Wordless. Parallel embodied. Alongside. No pressure for sameness. Just benevolent undulating grace,

An early start today. Angel Alarm decided to return to our 5.30am soft serene morning call.  A buzzing introduction. Watered my little container garden in the balcony. The recyled-veggie box makes me smile. Harvested a miniature piece of ginger. Made a huge tub of almond milk. Breakfasted. Lucy had her usual K9 Natural Lamb with added home brewed beef broth, pumpkin and broccoli. I had homebaked cheese buns, washed down with almond milk with coffee.

Struggle, mostly quite intense, is a constant feature of every single day. Yet, at the same time, goodness and gratitude liberally pepper every aspect of our life. Each time I open Lucy’s food bag and pour out a carefully measured cup into her bowl, I am mindful that this top of the range sustenance is generously sponsored by my friend Rick. Blessedness indeed!

Sunshine is back up. The mosquito tells me it will be a warm winter’s day again. Time to sally forth and attack the myriad deliciously pleasant work tasks awaiting me. With as much vim and vigour as I can possibly muster, of course. Every single day. The Quest, and the Dog keep me alive.

Tally ho, Bunny and Lucy! And allegro con brio, please!

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