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This weekend was most clement indeed. I’ve been battling sensory intensities throughout the cold snap, and the sunshine and warmth of today was such a refreshing relief. Lucy seemed happy to be going outside ‘naked’ for a change too! No need for a coatie to keep her delicate fat-free body warm, hurrah!

We walked around the Paddington Markets yesterday. It was bustling and I am not fond of crowds, so we didn’t stay long. Lucy made new friends, as usual. She is a most equilibriated Greyhound, happily saying hello to most people (there are some she just does not like at all) and excited to see her whippet friends Sophia and Ivy. The litte Minx gravitated towards a new stall selling doggy biscuits, of course, and what could I do but procure a box of the goodies for her? I got the special for $8. My own buy was a bunch of bananas for $2. Do the maths – who’s the VIP here? 😀 Luncheon was chicken, chips and apple – Lucy loves apple too, and we always share. I worked on my exhibition in the afternoon, and completed a description for children. Progress is slow, but I am glad I managed to wrestle the pain gremlins and get some work done anyway.

Today was bruncheon day with my friend Rick. I cooked beef patties and we had oven baked chunky chips too. I daresay the nosh was pretty delicious! I had leftovers for dinner. I think I might have overdosed myself with minced beef today, though, but with a satisfied smile on my face. After Rick left, I settled down to write an article for an online magazine. I do not get paid much, but every dollar counts towards feeding Lucy better. The magazine is language focused, not about autism at all, so I see this as a great channel for dissiminating my existential perspectives of autism to a readership that may not usually encounter the subject. I wrote about the memory of smell, and how the olfactory dimension impacts my memories.

Feeling rather productive and energized by the sunshine and warmth, I embarked on this little song that I wrote and recorded in 2008. It was a dark and lonely night, I was far away from the shattered remnants of home, away from my one supportive sister, and still missing my beloved father. I was trying to work on my M.Phil thesis, but felt utterly desolate and bereft. This song, like so many others in the past, seemed to develop out of nothing, without effort or intent. It is a tribute to someone who for many years was my best friend, and with whom I shared a great many adventures. Today, the song is a symbol of remembering and how important it is to acknowledge the people who have walked with me and helped propel me along my quest towards Beingness. This friend in particular was responsible for giving me the opportunity to record my music and songs (1999-2000), an event, though fraught with complex emotional upheaval, signified the beginning of creative re-awakening after many years in the desert. I still think of my friend with deep reosonant fondness. I wish there was a way we could still be friends, but life brings us along different paths and circumstances no longer allow me the luxury of this particular friendship. Nevertheless, I am thankful for yesterday, because I am here today as a result of its unfolding.

The smell of beef and onions has filled the little apartment and stubbornly refuses to disspate. It is not unpleasant, and I am exhausted, so I shall leave it to tomorrow to simmer some white vinegar and lemon. That formula has proved most effective in getting rid of cooking smells. For now, it is time to curl up in bed with the Sleeping Beauty. She is splayed across the mattress, of course, waiting for me to bribe her with home made dehydrated chicken treats to move a couple of inches so I can slide in.

Good night, everyone.


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