Ode to Mary


I don’t mind Diva personalities, so long as the Diva knows her boundaries of propriety. I am all for drama with flourish, poise and elegance. My own parallel existence in this neurotypical dominated world hinges a lot on performativity anyway. Bring on the Diva, I am happy to embrace all hues and textures with open sensitivities. However, I draw the line at blatant disrespect, callous abuse, pushy bullying and gossip mongering. Well, I should, anyway, draw the line, that is. I must confess that I am still struggling to acquire a goodly level of skill in this area, to my own detriment.

Too much pandering does not bode well for either party, I have learned this the hard way. At the end of the grand Theatre of Utter Absurdities (you can read all about it in my previous post, Théâtre de l’Absurde), apart from feeling frustrated at the terrible waste of valuable time, I too often find myself being blamed for the entire sordid Opera Buffa. Of course, the blame game usually takes place behind the scenes, little teary-eyed bleating pin pricks on my back, and never ever in my face. I have come to observe that these miscreants who indulge in petulant, self-righteous, indignant sob stories are actually really afraid of an open debate, because truth and logic will inevitably prevail, and what will become of their surreptitious cloak-and-dagger hobby, then? The fact that I am autistic does sometimes help to spice up the dramaturging: you know, the many ableist remarks about lack of empathy, social disability, selfishness, living in a world of my own, etc? A veritable smorgasbord of blame, really. Sometimes, it hurts deeply, when the mise en scène involves betrayal by once-trusted family members and friends. However, this time around, the most recent social fiasco has me chuckling in disbelief – and very relieved to be rid of the self-styled Diva Star of this sorry little mid-afternoon bored-housewives’ sitcom. I have written a little ditty in honour of her.

Ode to Mary

mary, mary

oh, contrary!

how did the wind

blow you in?





stabbing bobby pin!

dancing hypocrites

fluid moralities

chanting “correctness”

whingeing banalities

sneering condescension

“I’m not just anybody!”

petulant stomping

Me, Me, Me!

harping and carping

over $20 pennies

seething and hissing

garrulous Pity Party

huffing and puffing

Oh my Gucci!

fallacious tapestries

crocodile tears

tattered pink tutus

spurious fears

treacherous waters

churning bog

saccharine perfidity

moral fog

mary, mary

too contrary!

plastic elastic

“I love you”

botoxed abyss

black and blue

mary, mary

I have not time

for your Grand Intrigues

kindly, kindly

stay far as far can be

away, away from me!


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