frenetic week

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It was a crazy week. Beware, this is not going to be a particularly eloquent post. My mind is still in sticky marshmallow mode.

Babysitting my friend’s little dog, falling ill, polishing up my presentation for the annual review conference, putting the finishing touches to my miniature installation (part of the conference), and battling the effects of the wet weather on my fraught senses. Anxiety levels were raging, and it was an intense struggle to maintain sufficient equilibrium to continue functioning. I am so grateful for my Angel. Just waking up every morning to her beautiful face makes getting out of bed such a happy event.

Food was an eclectic buffet, almost bizarre. The highlights of the week were the two pizzas from Rick last Saturday, and a little portion of lasagna from two young Spanish friends. My own efforts at cooking were uninspired and hurried. Not very palatable, I was also running out of food and scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak.

Lucy was wonderful, she kept me sane and breathing. She reminded me to take breaks, to eat, and drink, and stop for cuddles and walks. She performed beautifully during my presentation, my perfect companion. On Saturday, we were guests of the talented artist, David Capra, at the Museum of Contemporary Art. David’s work, Teena’s Bathtime, is an amazing multisensory inclusive, interactive piece inspired by his dog, Teena. Lucy and I were featured in his video, what an honour!

Today, I cooked lamb strips, but my senses experienced a sudden shutdown. I couldn’t bring myself to eat them. Such a waste, it felt terrible to throw food away, but my body just went into a shutdown mode. Mild fever, sore throat, nausea, dizziness set in, and the asthma began to act up. Lucy was flat too, tired from her heroic activities no doubt. We both collapsed into bed, cuddled and snoozed the afternoon away. I woke up a few times, startled by anxiety, hyperventilating, heartbeating so fast I had to force myself to breathe deeply and slowly. Having Lucy there made all the difference.

Tomorrow is a new week. Too much waiting for me to do. Attack with Gusto!


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