calming anxiety

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What does anxiety taste like?

Not lemons. So, one cannot make lemonade from it.

Sometimes, anxiety tastes like exploding bitter melon seeds. It can sound like a tooth cracking on a shard of chicken bone, and the pain that shoots into the head…

Mostly, for me, anxiety brings on a choking, asphyxiating feeling… nausea, vertigo… then disorientation.

But calm, gratitude, blessedness, and a sense of Being in the Right Space… that comes from Lucy. 

The elemental communion that she brings is inexplicable. And entry into a comfortable realm, one that demands no clever repartee, no ponderous didactic, no flowery diegesis – and no need for Theory of Mind!

I can commune within Space of Mind – silent songs, stories without words.

What does calm look like? Calm is Lucy.

Lucy is my oasis of gentle undulating tranquility in a modality where anxiety is a contant gremlin to quell.


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