Important Message

Important Message

Someone close to me is being stalked by little gremlins scuttling around the nether regions of the internet, trawling for information about her, and the last I learned, the vermin have been chewing the wires searching far and wide for every single connection.

I am one rather large pimple on the landscape. Hence, the pests have been googling and boggling and ogling at my public sites, trying to gather information on their Object of Interest through me.

To say these people have nothing better to do is to be really very kind. Then again, being unkind to such creatures does take time and effort too. Ah, what a conundrum it is, indeed.

Right. Dear Stalker / Stalkers, if you are reading this, you are welcome to add this morsel to your pathetic little baskets teeming with sad, droopy pickings of second and third hand news, sad wilted flowers turning foul smelling and oozing rancidity in your nets.

Notices to cease and desist are useless on you. Here is some entertainment instead – a photograph just for you, in your honour. I found this written on the cover of my neighbour’s recycling bin. Very apt. Though, sadly, you may not even have the brain power to understand the connection, or the wit and humor to appreciate it. C’est la vie!

Got it?

Got it?


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