Doggy biscuits. Beef bone broth. Dehydrated ribs. Freezer choking full of meaty delight. Senses overwhelmed. Body disintegrating. Collapsing in a wobbly heap on the floor, no tears, just dazed and faint. Fading, melting, leaking slowly down the sinkhole of executive duties, into the abyss of mocking dysfunction.

Then… Piercing through the thick, dense seething fog, a message of help from a friend issues forth. Grace most opportune, serendipity or Providential intervention? Perhaps they are one and the same after all? Now, all that is needed is to curl up with a warm Angel and wait.

crackly biscuits

break and crumble

brittle not strong

held together by

egg and flour

meek, plaintive song

fractured by force

surrogate morality

no grand fireworks

displays of piety

no fancy footwork

revolving loyalties

falling, tumbling, crashing

mute implosions

glass walls caving

splintering silence

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