encapsulation of meaning

IMG_0732lucy s

Inside a world of his own.” – a derogatory label for the autist. You know, those remarks too often popping up at neurotypical social parties, where they play at connecting the dots between odious public figures (who nobody there knows in person anyway) and Asperger’s Syndrome. The other common garden variety of ignorant bleating is, “… lacking in empathy…”

In a world of our own? Instead of trying to protest this ‘world of our own’ slur by asking what is wrong with our world (you know, the world of our own, that is), perhaps I should ask the neurotypicals who delight in flinging about these blobs of sheep droppings, “Why not tell me what is so wonderful about your world that I should desire, even yearn, to live in it?”

As for empathy and the lack of it… Don’t get me started (not at this time of the night anyway) on the appalling empathic skills of most neurotypicals…

To set the record straight, I have to state that I utterly abhor the Us vs.Them mentality, so this is not about neurotypical bashing at all. In fact, I have wonderful neurotypical friends, as well as autistic friends, without the combination of which I would now be flipping in the gutters of Wagnerian-Shakespearean lunacy, or worse. On the other hand, I have also met revolting humans from all facets of humanity, regardless of neurological make up.

What is essential is invisible to the eye.

(The Little Prince, Antoine St. Exupery)

For me, my fixations are more about encapsulated meaning. My mindscape does not care much for social associations, which so many neurotypicals are obsessed over. For example, I ask a simple question, a technical question, but too often I receive a convoluted reply instead of a clear answer. Granted, the question resides physcially inside a domain that is enshrouded in steaming, raging emotionality, and has financial associations, but the NT mind seems, time and time again, unable to extricate the apple from among the bobbing oranges in the barrel. What I want are the distilled facts, devoid of fluid, subjective emotional content. The fundamental basis for my question contains the ultimate significance of the subject matter to me, not any of its connoted embellishments. Sadly, too few people understand this at all.

NT folk persistently read between lines and draw inferences that are social-emotional-relational in nature, while Aspies go off on their own tangents chasing possums up faraway trees. And all the people hovering and buzzing around nebulous neurological interstices flit around the landscape on flying saucers. A simple query can lead to a neurotypical person offering to pray for me (such a loaded phrase, isn’t it now?) and/or an Aspie rambling on about things completely unrelated. Oh, and wait for the Ringaling Brothers to get into the arena too!


No wonder I prefer animals. I sometimes shrink from my own humanity. What a Grand Circus we are. Lucy seems like a sage in comparison.

Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams.


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