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Things… are just things… Love, on the other hand, is a gift of clemency.

Lucy is my song of grace. And the friends I have now are cosmic endowment.

My days are now filled with wonderment, I need only fixed my gaze upon my angel and it becomes well with my soul. Passion has found its niche in the rivers of meaning. I look forward to my work, and become frustrated should a day pass without accomplishment. The tranquility I find in the unfolding of process is inexplicable. Food is a test of creativity, I have never been unable to afford the food I want to eat before, however, inside this strange ironic juxtaposition of poverty of material means and abundance of spirit, I am finding new planes of innovation. Chicken and cabbage, one bowl meals, leftovers, and clumsily painted plates, these are delightful presentations of the mundane. And sharing a chicken with Lucy brings immense joy. I get the wings, thigh and drumsticks, while Lucy gets the breast. I use the bones for broth, which Lucy loves, unflavoured of course. She loves the chicken breast treats I make. And money stretches further when we share. The thrill of seeing her simple enjoyment brings a smile into the deepest trenches of my soul.

Life has never ceased to be a challenge. Yet, being able to see clearly is a blessing. Where there was fog and misery before, now, at last, there is clarity, a knowingness that brings peace. And resolution.

I am content. 🙂


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