vaya con dios

Recycling food. Reinventing cheap. Facing the challenge of temporary poverty with hopeful gravity. Peasant’s lunch, laughing with joy, cutting the kite strings.

At last, a long time coming. A cadential resolution. On a minor tonality. But there is peace. Cutting lose the threads that bind to old and rotting hessian sacks from the past. Simplifying. Clarifying. Releasing.

I understand when one is faced with a conundrum, having to choose between two feuding close friends. The emotional ties are strong, and it will be an agonising choice, and one almost impossible to make. However, what I do not understand about neurotypical (dis)loyalties is when the choice is between one supposedly close friend, and the other a superficial acquaintance.

But neurotypical motivations, declarations, social shenanigans and fluid moralities are hard to understand. For this Bunny Aspie anyway. Ah, of course, there are folk higher up on the Spectrum of Social Savvy than I could ever aspire towards, but I am content. Despite the sadness of betrayal. Because purging can be a cleansing process, ridding one of unnecessary baggage, and perhaps sometimes even potentially toxic liaisons. When a good thing begins to fester and rot, the rancidity can be lethal.

Time to bid adieu. And a sincere vaya con dios. Do not pray for me. I shall not pray for you. If you don’t know me by now, you never will. There was time enough, now that time has come to a fitting end. Yet, no enmity, though I expect you again will not understand. In your mind, you probably think your lack of faith is somehow an act of benevolence. What one mind perceives as artful social manipulation, another mind receives as cutting unfaithfulness. Sadness yes, pain yes, but moving on ahead into the light brings with it no darkness. So long, farewell, and thank you for the good times. Gratitude has no expiry date, unlike some friendships. The two are completely separate entities.


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