Everywhere I turn, humanity creeps up on me, sprinkling colourful fragments of devastation.

The shrapnel embed themselves inside my brain, littering my mindscape with stabs of pain.

Too many pretty words. Empty promises. Spurious platitudes.

Smiling selfies belying hollow echoes of fluctuating loyalty.

Prejudice railing against prejudice, stirring the cauldron of ignorance, bigotry and strife, spiked with toxic self-righteousness.

Twisted minds, tortured souls, chasing shadows, painting purgatory.

Run, run, run! But these humans they pursue me, running with nowhere to hide from artful homiletics condemning my peaceful inhumanity.

Is it Thursday already? Suffering from human-overload, struggling to regain equilibrium. It has been an arduous week thus far. Social avalanche. Sensory breakdown. Physical pain. Betrayal. Sadness. Incapacitation. Empathic grief. Ah, humans, what a wonderful invention!

Thankful, however, for the sunshine that emerged. And always grateful for Lucy. Though I must not forget the few steadfast friends that remain. I do not need more. These small wonders help me on my journey. An amazing adventure. Never a dull moment, to be sure!

And here is Glenn Gould with J.S.Bach.


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