A Facebook friend’s post caught my eye. Roughly translated, the quote declared that a truly wise man remains silent as he observes the world around him. That may be true, but so does a person oppressed and repressed. Silence is not always golden. Sometimes, silence roars louder than spoken words, not in genteel tones of sagely wisdom but writhing in pain, churning in turmoil and thrashing in ever advancing stretto of agony.

No, I do not aspire to become a silent wise man. I do not think I will ever reach that pinnacle of human existence anyway. I am happy to be the eternal student, always learning, always discovering, always experiencing – ever tasting, smelling, seeing, touching, hearing, communicating and dancing with the myriad nuances of life. And I am grateful to have found a voice at last, after years of enslavement to the Colonial Other, it is such a glorious thing to have a voice of my very own! Therefore, babble away I most certainly shall, with great relish. I will not always be ‘right’ in my rambling, I may (and often do) fall into potholes and smear mud in my face, but the meandering journey of illumination and uncovering is far too delicious to smother in mute pretext of lofty sagacity.

Neither “wise’ nor “nice,” merely a poor struggling lowly scholar who delights in creating cheap cheese toast mosaics, reinventing leftovers, meandering through the landscape of existence with a beautiful Angel by my side – I am thankful just to be allowed to be Me. At long last. And I am determined to pursue and cherish this Beingness until the very end. 🙂


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