good friends

Everyone needs friends. Good friends are a crucial support system in times of need, and that includes whenever one needs to share a good laugh, great food, rant or ramble, and even intellectual argument (or dramatic narrative)!

I feel extremely blessed to have a number of very good friends, who help make my life so much easier, and the journey a great deal less bumpy.

On Sunday, on top of helping with a heavy load of laundry, my friend Rick gave me a block of Brie. It goes perfectly with my rice cakes, since I do not have any table water biscuits or fancy French baguette. What a thoughtful gift for the afternoon peckish-Bunny teatime snack! Then on Monday, I had to go back to the main campus for an eye check up at the optometry centre. I left Lucy at home alone because she dislikes the shuttle bus ride (and the unfriendly dog-hating driver), and I didn’t want to stress her unnecessarily. The check up took much longer than I had anticipated, a good 3 hours, and I became really worried about my baby girl. I called my lovely friend Maria, and she went to my place to take Lucy out for her afternoon walk and then back to her home across the street from ours, so Lucy won’t be lonely. After the eye check up, knowing that Lucy is in good hands, I nipped over to the Asian grocery along Anzac Parade, to quickly pick up a few things. Another friend, Susan, who I met during our brief sojourn in university dwellings, met me and showed me a new shop where things were cheaper. We then spied an eatery selling scrumptious looking Chinese takeaway, and of course, this foodie Bunny just had to have some! I scuttled home in a hurry, splurging on a taxi ride, because I didn’t want to keep Maria waiting. Dinner was a gastronomic delight – the spicy tripe cooked to perfection and the best I’ve had in ages! (Well, I’ve not eaten this dish since I left Hong Kong at the end of 2010!) I tucked into the sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken the next day. Bliss!

Oh, and I caught up with Maria again on Tuesday, at our favourite cafe, Not Just Coffee. Actually, two gorgeous ladies, both named Maria – my good friend Maria from Chile, and her young friend Maria from Spain. Sydney is such a cosmopolitan city! 🙂

Of course, too much human interaction drives my stress and anxiety levels up – I become agitated at being away from my work, my mind begins to wander towards the wonderful things waiting for me to dive into at home (or at my art studio), and the sensory burden weighs heavy on top of the verbal exertion. Today, I stayed home to recover, recuperate and regenerate. But I am nevertheless most grateful to my friends – they help me live better and bring eclectic flavour to my existence.


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