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Sunshine and dry, crisp air spell clemency! A beautiful non-verbal day. Well, apart from the mandatory superficial and brief salutations as we navigated human traffic and populated space. Lucy and I went to do a bit of work at my art studio today. We returned every smiling greeting with the same amount of cheer – why not? We love our cosy little bubble here, where everyone who matters is friendly, and where Lucy is accepted as part of the ‘family’. This kind of interaction does not bother me, even on a ‘non-verbal’ day where I want and/or need to disengage from words and social parlance, since nobody ventures to invade my personal mental space, nor makes grating demands upon my verbal consciousness.

Does non-verbality mean absence of language? No, not at all. The vocabulary of the senses is not based on verbal, textural patois. Empathic resonance, elemental engagement, and simple fundamental communication with Lucy – these are the most precious and rich tapestries that are often best woven without semantic linguistic interference.

I tire too easily from meaningless social chitchat, especially when having to battle the interjections from dynamic materiality, the sensory realm howling its demands upon my attention. Of course, it takes all kinds of minds to create an eclectic and exciting world, brimming with boundless possibilities. A friend of mine tells me that she needs to talk, and a great deal of it – that is, to use the spoken language as the dominant means of communication – because it makes her feel safe, connected and alive. However, to me, non-verbal symbiotic reciprocity is interlocutory bliss!

Today, I am reveling in euphoric isolation, humming the language of the senses, just me and Lucy, inside our little microcosmos, yet, there is such opulence in our silence: the sounds, dancing visuals, reverberations against skin, smells, textures and warmth – it is a dimension of such magnificent abundance that words cannot relay. Sadly, this blog post falls far short, since mere words on a page, text on the screen, are all I have to convey the wonderment of today.

It’s just 2pm now, there are a few more precious hours left…

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