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The day began wrapped in rustling leaves, and a dull greyish brush over the sky. At mid morning, however, sunshine broke through, much to my relief. Glorious bright light and gentle cool breeze permeated most of the day, until late afternoon, when ominous dark clouds rolled back in to blanket the atmosphere with thick misty wetness. Nevertheless, we had a lovely day, enjoying the sunshine while it lasted. The boisterous winds two days ago sent a few lovely, plump ripe tomatoes downstairs onto the driveway. I quickly harvested the remaining ones and have been tucking in with gusto. Running out of food, but determined to finish what I have left before ordering more, I cooked ginger and garlic pan fried Hoki fish fillet with stir fried baby kale. At teatime, Lucy and I shared banana – I had mine with some sago pudding, and of course, generously topped with gula melaka (palm sugar). Work-wise, it was a relatively productive day too, so, by the time the blanket of rain swooped down upon us, we had already managed to achieve a substantially good day!

The smell of rain in the air is so overly romanticised. I know, it can be a delightful smell, if under the right conditions, however, living in the city, the entire sensory package bears very different connotations. Add to the mix a heightened sense of smell, and all the fluffy romantic notions are washed down the soggy smelly drains, down, down, down tumbling through grills and pushing past manholes, into the seething sewers.

The olfactory channels are heaven laden with boggy congestion, there is a viscous, dense rot weighing down and suffocating the senses. A viscid nausea sits stubbornly just under the sternum, an elephant on the diaphragm, and I am unable to breathe. My feet and lower limbs ache and scream in a cacophonic macabre Call and Response. I can almost hear the vapour in the atmosphere singing a warped, tuneless chorus. Heavy.  Toilsome. Oppressive.

2015-04-04-16.07.32lucyraincoat s

Mumma, I don’t like the rain!

Lucy’s expression speaks volumes!

4 thoughts on “petrichor

  1. And today, here, I was so HOT outside, that I could hardly breathe. Thankfully the house was cool. Worse still, in such oppressive heat (warm berg winds), unbearable smells rise up – for me but for no one else – from who knows where (I live very much out of the city). Oh for a goodly downpour here!
    If only we could swap homes 🙂

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