It was a beautiful day. Glorious sunshine, gentle warmth, with a cool lilting breeze. We had planned this barbecue for some time – thankfully, the weather was most kind. A cheap, portable mini barbecue pit, a bag of barbecue coal, prawns, fish, mushroom, green capsicum and the good ol’ bamboo skewers presented us with a most delicious, microcosmic adventure.

By sad coincidence, though, before we began our happy little event, death visited the site ahead of us. A bird had died, and a crow was picking apart the body, in a macabre pas de deux of nature. I did not take a photo of the carcass, it just didn’t feel respectful to do so. IMG_2813birdfeathers-bbq s

Rick had the unenviable task of disposing of the body, but the feathers were a different job altogether and we decided to just leave it. I had to keep Lucy by our sides as a result, but she was a good girl, she didn’t insist on wandering, and even resisted the urge to sniff at the feathers after I said “No” firmly a few times.

The vast universe. Our tiny realms of perception and presumed understanding. Happenings and happenstance.

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