Space of Mind

A recurring theme right now… More Space of Mind… Putting aside Theory of Mind, whether Neurotypical or Autistic. Theories are nebulous, fluid and changing, there is nothing that I can smell, touch, taste, see or hear. Right now, it is tumultuous, and I want to exist inside a clement, graceful and gracious Space of Mind.

Inside this Space of Mind, proximal and distal senses unite, meander, frolic and reciprocate. Dancing around warm, crackling campfires, wordless, no yakkity-yak, we are socialising with the elements, in conversation with materiality, vibrating and pulsating personifications of atoms at play.

Beingness. Gazing at pulchritude. My Lucy, her entire body in synchronicity, quivering in some kind of unknown, unspoken sensorial concentration, as she sniffs each leaf, each blade of grass, and tiny speck of bark on the eucalyptus trees. “Thinking through the body” – art in a parallel embodiment.

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