a busy week

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A busy week. Where did the time go? How do we sense the passage of time in place and space? I feel through my fingertips the liquid dust slipping, sliding, seeping inexorably towards, then past, and away from me. So much tiredness. Bursts of frenetic scrambling scrunching engaging with mind and concrete materiality. Body and mind in a grumbling atonal dissonant Call and Response. The dishes pile up as I plunge into work. I need a Jeeves – I can feel the grittiness of the floor under my feet. Washed and dried laundry waiting for me in an impatient mess. Boxes of ‘things’ still unresolved. Visual discomfort. I need shelves. And a Jeeves.

The tomatoes are ready to harvest. Very chuffed. I planted these last year, from seeds scraped out of fresh tomatoes from Harris Farm. The balcony activities in that previous tiny studio space were oases of calm and comfort to me. I now feel less need to spend time pottering in the balcony. So very very grateful to be back in this neighbourhood.

Inspiration and drive have returned. If only I can persuade my physical engine to match the pace.

A wonderful workshop session at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I often wonder what I sound like, babbling away in a surreal state of suspension? Everyone was kind. The little things matter to me. A lot. I hope I made a small difference? Lucy was very good. She hadn’t been working much all summer. I need to get her back into the groove. The MCA are service dog friendly. Nobody batted an eyelid upon seeing Lucy. I love that everyone there is so professional.

I was working myself up into a feverish anxiety thinking about the taxi ride there and back. Sydney taxi drivers are not dog friendly. 80% of the time. It is the law that they must not refuse persons with service dogs. But some do – they slow down, come near, see Lucy, and speed away with vim and vigour. Others are reluctant and surly. Grumbling about dogs being dirty. Barking at me about my dog peeing in the taxi – NO, SIR, SHE IS TRAINED NOT TO PEE WHEN WORKING!!!! Generally being unpleasant. I can hear the antagonistic waves of disapproval, roaring in the silent sizzling resentment. Of course there are times when we meet a dog loving driver. Then I am overcome with so much relief that I could cry. And then there was that gift of Grace. My lovely friend Shane came to pick us up, take us there and back! Phew! Lucy loves Shane. And yes I do too! The session began and ended late. Shane was volunteering at the Mardi Gras parade – I felt bad for holding him up, but he was ever so kind about it all.

It rained on Saturday morning, and a refreshing cool breeze began to wash in. I spied an old abandoned set of drawers and my friend Rick most kindly consented to the torturous effort of helping me lug it home, nearly falling down the stairs to my second floor apartment in the process. We had brunch afterwards at our favourite cafe, Not Just Coffee.

I then crashed into bed in a state of utter exhausted, belly full of nosh and a sweet Greyhound cuddling next to me.

Another grand adventure followed that evening – my very first time as a guest on a podcast radio show! Jeanette so kindly invited me. We talked about autism, art and animals. A pity that I didn’t get the chance to mention MindDog Australia. I was hoping to do a plug for them. They have been ever so wonderful. I am terrified of telephony, it isn’t a medium I am comfortable with. There was a great deal of stammering and mispronouncing of words (anthropomorphise!!! for heaven’s sake!). Tripping over my suddenly too fat tongue. I think I sounded like I had ingested a bag of helium laced marshmallows! For those who do not already know Jeanette Purkis, she is an autism advocate, author, artist and all round amazing person! Here’s the link:


A rather benevolent Sunday today, despite the mild fever that settled over me. I made vegetarian Vietnamese rolls for lunch, and my beautiful effervescent friend, Maria, and her sweet pup, Blanquita dropped by. Blanquita and Lucy are both foodie gals!

How wonderful to have good friends!

And now… the battle to finish the housework ensues. I MUST get it all done before tomorrow. It’s another full week ahead. Go, Bunny, Tally Ho!

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