She was just 18months old. Listen to the announcement at around 1:45. “The kindest thing to do … just euthanise the Greyhound.” For what? A broken leg. Any intelligent logical thinking person would ask some questions, no? I shall not list those questions here, because I assume that anyone reading my blog is well able to ask these questions unaided.

Here is my rant.

The grand Hamlet drama continues in the aftermath of the ABC Four Corners exposé on the disgusting and illegal practices rife in the Greyhound racing industry. (Click on link to watch the footage – warning: disturbing explicit audio and visuals.)

I now see so many lengthy posts on social media by pro-racing people, complaining about the “bloody animal activists” and protesting their individual innocence. And self-declared “nice” people who sit on the fence and promote the aforementioned posts, telling people to look at both sides of the coin.

Right. So, yes, let’s scrutinise both sides of the argument, shall we?

Here are the most common declarations by “nice” pro-racing people – i.e. people who breed and race Greyhounds.

“But they love to run!” “We love our dogs.” “We treat them like family.” “Don’t tar us all with the same brush.” (Distancing themselves of course from the ones caught red-handed dripping with blood.)

I have no doubt there are many small time racing folk who do not engage in disgusting and illegal practices. I have no doubt they think they “love” their dogs. I have no doubt they do take care of their dogs in as much as food, cleanliness and shelter are concerned, and they do not torture their dogs.

However, putting aside the fact that even these well cared for dogs are often severely lacking in fundamental socialisation, I just have a few questions, that, most curiously, none of the many protests by the pro-racing “good guys” ever address or answer.

Let’s not talk about the horrific stuff that the “nice” folk clearly do not engage in.

Here’s the rub. OK, you love your dogs, and they are like family, and yes, they do love to run.

1. Your preschooler or teenager, who loves to run, broke a leg in a school track and field event. Would you declare with such deep sonorous passionate gravity that it is “the kindest thing to do…” to euthanise your family member? (Instead of rushing him/her to the nearest hospital, get it all fixed up, and provide all possible care and support for the rest of his/her life.)

2. Would you send your beloved family member away to live with a complete stranger when they can no longer run as fast as they used to in school track and field, or when they suffer an injury, or can no longer make good money for you by doing what they “love” i.e. running (they call it “retirement”) ?

3. Would you create or be part of a grand gambling industry using your family member’s love for running?

Maybe the answer might be, “Yes!” Who knows? But the silence is deafening on this front, as the self-protecting protesting bleating gets louder and louder in a frenzied stretto-crescendo.

They say the anti-racing community are vilifying them for no reason. Yes, I must admit there are some anti-racing folk who are overly zealous, overly passionate, and some even do resort to personal attacks. Not good manners at all, I say. However, the fact is, we are honoured or vilified by our own words and actions. Not what others say about us.

Any intelligent, thinking person can figure this one out. Unless the person assessing the situation just does not want to. In the latter case, then, nothing more can be done. To paraphrase a famous historical figure: There are none so blind as those who do not want to see. But in this day and age of free choice, you do have a right to choose NOT to want to see or hear.

Fence sitters have that choice, i.e. to continue sitting on the fence and making “nice” remarks. However, I personally wonder how their bums can take the discomfort of balancing on that fence. (Aspie visual image of a typical wooden fence with pointy tip, painted white. 🙂 ) By the way, that famous historical person that I paraphrased above was no fence-sitter, no sir not at all.

Oh, and “nice” people are not always good people. Good people are not always “nice” either. Think on that.

P.S. I may vehemently disagree with their values, but I would have much more respect for people who brutally, honestly declare, “Well, they are just dogs, mere commodities, and this is what I like and choose to do for my entertainment, and gamble on their lives. So, buzz off!” At least there is clarity and truth. Not the nauseating bleating… from “nice” people.


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