all kinds of minds

As I cooked lunch today, the brain-worm wriggling about was chanting the words of Temple Grandin, “The world needs all kinds of minds…”

As a visual and pattern thinker, I analyse my world according to pictures, textures, patterns and my perceptions lean towards the social-cultural paradigms. I am disturbed by the current discussions around Greyhound racing in Australia, on social media these days. These are often heated, mostly people reacting to the ABC Four Corners programme, and sometimes the comments are quite inane. That is fine. Passion is good for the intellect too. However, my own expressions revolve around my perceptual abilities, and I have been unable to address the accusations of those who claim that the statistics are wrong, or even more preposterous, make dark ominous allusions to “blatant lies” being bandied about.

I am so glad my friend Dr. Sonja K of Greyhound Equality Society made the effort to write that great mathematical piece to explain the same conundrum from the mathematical perspective.

This is not just for the dogs, but for all of decent humanity. Those who have ears, let them hear. Those who have eyes, let them see. It is out there. The truth. If you would let Truth set you free. That is. Still freedom of choice, an act of will. Of course.

Enjoy the lunches and dinners! 🙂

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