Greyhounds love to run!

Greyhounds love to run!

Greyhounds love to run! Yes, Lucy shows that she does indeed! But for FUN!!!!! Not for your greed!

An old photo of Lucy (above), when still having to wear that awful dreaded muzzle, before she passed her ridiculously named ‘decommissioning’ test, as self-regulated by the now disgraced Greyhound racing industry. And a lovely video of happy Greyhound Sissy (below). This is how it should be!

“Greyhounds LOVE to run.” Yes, that is one of the most popular exclamations one hears from the pro-racing humans, bleating justifications for their indulgence in this barbaric and cruel form of animal circus entertainment. Reaping in money for themselves, no doubt.

Amidst the live-baiting horrors, the backlash and the vile hitting back at the “bloody animal activists” who bravely ventured forth to uncover the sick evil in the racing industry, here is a lovely and happy visual capture from Sissy, the gorgeous Greyhound. A former racing dog, just like Lucy, Sissy now at last enjoys the life she deserves: as a beloved pet in a responsible and loving family environment. This is how all Greyhounds ought to be.

Yes, indeed, Greyhounds do LOVE to run. And so they should be allowed to run. But not to feed human greed and lust for blood and violence. (Did you hear those ‘top trainers’ cackle away in laughter as they broke the backs of the live bait animals in that ABC exposé video? Did you see what they did to the black Greyhound, shoving its nose into the live bait and lifting its hind quarters? – See previous post.)

Run, run, run, and have lots of fun, Sissy and Lucy! Show the world what truly HAPPY Greyhounds are like!


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