Blood on our hands. Humans have much to answer for. I am not talking about the centuries of horrific travesties, I am just going to cite one small example. It is a relatively ‘insignificant’ example in the grand cosmic wealth of evil that humans generate relentlessly. Who cares about dogs or pigs or rabbits or possums, when there are millions of humans dying by the second?

You may not, but I do. And I care a lot more now than ever before. Because I’ve had the joy and honour of having one of these magnificent animals live with me, bring me immeasurable wonderment and bless my life in ways no other animal, human or other, has ever done before. It breaks my heart to think Lucy and thousands of others came from this life. Yes, Lucy was one of the lucky few. This should not be.

Watch this. If you are able to view it, use Hola unblocker on Chrome. Before you start babbling about the pros or cons of Greyhound racing, or saying stupid things like, “Let’s not judge,” etc. WATCH THIS FIRST. You will either be utterly shocked and repulsed, or you might proceed to make your excuses to support this terrible sick form of entertainment. Reminder: these are TOP people in the industry. And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

OK, if you support this disgusting entertainment, yes, then I suppose you will now begin to make your excuses and disclaimers. Whichever way, I do think this has brought everything out into the open. Time to stand and be counted. Either way. Do it.


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