I detest hypocrisy. Yet, sadly, over and over, I find myself resorting to shameful and disgusting pretense just to live ‘comfortably’ within the constructs of prevalent social constructs. All in the name of being ‘socially correct’ and not ‘rocking the boat.’ There are too many examples of this tiresome practice to cite in this one blog post, suffice to say all of them emanate from the miry tangled depths of the complex, gaseous-fluid nebulous neurotypical social system.

As an Aspie, I much prefer the realm of Facebook socialising. It is much less confrontational and not as immediately demanding. But socialising online is no less hypocritical, of course. There are three main types of communications I seem to encounter and observe in my Facebook feed. The sanctimonious wannabe-educated-and-politically-correct uppity threads, where a special kind of hush falls like soft dandruff, as soon as one dares to cut across the fluffy LaLaLa righteousness with a stinging statement of cold hard logical truth. There is also the somewhat vapid foot-stamping crowd letting off steam, who are unable to grasp any analytical clarity whatsoever. And of course, the fascists, bigots and downright dangerous trolls who are somehow attracted to the BBC news like legions of flies to rotting meat. Usually, I take it all with a healthy pinch of salt and from a self protective distance. That is the beauty of online socialising after all. However, occasionally, it does make me utterly abhor humanity. Facebook is a wonderful thing and a terrible thing at the same time, isn’t it?

Now for the good part. It was a lovely cool, windy and sunny day. I spent it with two very special canines. My Angel Lucy, and little Blanquita (pup-sitting again). They both kept me company while I worked. I did not achieve as much as I would like to, but it was nevertheless rejuvenating to have worked at all. The peaceful isolation, and the effort and process of working is such bliss, I cannot properly describe it! There was food too. I cooked Singapore style bak kut teh – a peppery herbal soup with pork ribs. (Perfect, except that I have run out of green leafy veggie.)

Why do so many autists prefer interacting with animals? Predictability. System. Structure. Order. And yes, no dancing around meaningless dissimulations. Just straight forward Beingness.

Time to cuddle with my warm vanilla hound. Good night, everyone.


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