new life

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Signs of new life again. After the House Guest from the Seething Bowels of Hell destroyed my plants with her filthy rags and careless dumping, I started all over again when we moved to the university apartments. A few were damaged in the move back here to Paddington, but some managed to survive. I also sowed a few new ones recently, and am looking forward to more signs of new life again.

Coincidentally, I heard news updates this morning on that recalcitrant con-woman (you know, that House Guest from Hell that I described in the post, Karmic Clemency?). Apparently, she has been relentlessly spreading her cons all over the neighbourhood (is this a surprise?). Specifically: not paying for services (doggy day care etc), not paying rent (yes, she has moved again and again to avoid paying rent – I think the trick to this is having a very thick skin and vacating at the right time, of course being a hardened sociopathic petty criminal is essential too), stealing magazines from the newsagent and boasting about it (it’s really easy, she was purported to say), asking for credit at local cafes (this I have heard from a few establishments) etc. What is more appalling (to me) is the way she is acquiring animals and her treatment of them. I think she has some kind of pet fetish? (Remember the poor sweet Greyhound, Panda?) I heard too that Miss L has been capturing wild Lorikeets and scamming people on social media into thinking she is doing kindly rescue work. She does not vaccinate her dogs, does not apply flea or tick or heartworm treatment, and recently spread kennel cough to all the dogs at the pet sitting facility (she has also acquired another little puppy, and has refused to pay for the dog). Just for the dogs, not so much for us humans, I really really hope Karma will bite her hard in that enormous bottom of hers. Really. Really. Truly.

Yes, I’ve bumped into her numerous times since moving back here. She seems to be living it up, bags full of shopping and frequenting the cafes – it’s not cheap shopping or dining out here in Sydney, mind you. I guess many people now know how she manages to live the high life? What amazes me is how nobody will or can stop her?

I am just glad I got out of the debacle without much permanent damage. Well, I have to admit that the damage was mitigated by my many supportive and generous friends, who helped me get through the aftermath in a plethora of ways. I am thankful that I can afford to stand back from her outrageous antics, and not be scarred by this sociopath anymore. I also feel less stupid at having been one of her victims – after all, so many other people, non-autistic, supposedly more socially savvy than myself, have also been conned by her, and out of a lot more money too!

Well, back to my little container garden in the balcony. (I added the above update on Miss L merely as an associative juxtaposition to my glee at finding new life among my green collection!) I am most chuffed to see some tiny tomatoes growing and I do hope they will not be eaten by insects or other vermin. Perhaps I should create some kind of netting to cover them with? Oh, and there are two mystery plants as yet unidentified, the tags fell off and I cannot remember what they are, but they look like chillis. I hope one of them is a lime plant?

Some mysteries are fun!


2 thoughts on “new life

  1. WHOOPEE!! for the good stuff – little tomatoes by your own hand! Exciting isn’t it!!
    And another whoop for having escaped those other clutches! Happy days will be here again!xx

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