small things matter

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I am so tired of being told not to “sweat the small stuff” – the people who tell me that have no idea a) what detail focused cognition is and b) how their very lives depend on people who DO “sweat the small stuff” on their behalf.

One of the “small stuff” I delight in is decorating my food plate. Even when the substance is simple, cheap, poor-man’s fare. It brings me joy. It makes the exercise of eating on a budget bearable. Would you like to be served your food in a haphazard lump,when at a cafe or restaurant? Then why do it to yourself at home?

Here is something I came across this morning. Small stuff that made a big difference. Science and research is all about chasing the little things. Sometimes, scientists get it wrong, but when they do get it right, it is huge, very very big stuff!

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