noshing around

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My new friend Maria is a lot of fun. Beautiful, smart, talented and witty, she is also a kind and supportive friend. How lovely to be back in our beloved neighbourhood, renewing old ties, and now enjoying new connections too.

Today, while sharing a sammich at our favourite cafe, Not Just Coffee, the Nightmare House Guest from Hell waddled in. Ah, that too familiar ungainly shuffle, the sour down turned thin lips, the bleached blond hair, firing bursts of eclectic sensory memory snapshots. The juxtaposition was stark. It made me smile inside, I was suddenly so glad to be me in the here and now, and to be able to enjoy a genuine friendship, devoid of lies and cheating. It must be extremely tiring to go through life always on the look out for the next free meal ticket, making up lie after lie, sniffing out the next target, weaving elaborate story after story just to cover up the ghosts of fabrications past… Her continued presence in the neighbourhood has not sullied my appreciation at all. On the contrary, it makes it all the more clear to me how amazingly wonderful it is for me and Lucy to be back, and how lucky we are to be noshing around with Maria!


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