being blessed

Something from Nothing

I am so very very blessed. I do not need to consciously make great effort to remind myself to count my blessings and the good things in my life, because goodness seems to be an everyday feature for me now.

No, I am not saying that I do not struggle. I do. That is a fact. I struggle with myriad issues – autism related, autoimmune related and serious financial challenges. Yet, I am living a charmed life in many other ways. It all began when I received this PhD scholarship and moved to Sydney in 2012. Then Lucy, Like a Charm, came into my life and everything just seemed to literally bloom – I am visualising the gentle spectacle of Japanese cherry blossoms in spring.

My friends have helped me along my journey in myriad ways, giving me what they can, and every time, they have addressed very important and specific needs, ranging from mental support, wisdom and advice, to crucial financial help.

Some time ago, I bumped into my friend M, and I mentioned that I was going to buy an old chair advertised for $50 on Gumtree. He told me not to pay good money for it, and to wait for someone to throw out something during clean up day. I heeded his advice and did not make the purchase (my lovely girlfriend Maria agreed with M too).

Today, M came round to my place and gave me these two lovely pieces of furniture! The beautiful handmade stool is crafted from solid wood. All it needed was a clean and a little cushion. The Barcelona chair needs a cover over the cushion because the PVC is scuffed, but I have plenty of lovely fabric and the covers are easy to sew. I do need to do some work repairing the webbing too, but that will be a fun project to embark on. I’ve always wanted a Barcelona chair!

What is amazing about M is that he is homeless. He lives in a beat up old van. He is an old man in his 70s. Extremely eccentric, highly educated, stylish, always very well put together (albeit in worn out threads), always clean and neat, and is a wealth of knowledge about the art world and the art business. He is yet another wonderful friend that I happened to meet because of Lucy.

As I was cleaning the furniture and moving things around, I became overwhelmed by a flood of gratitude. The irony of my situation did not escape me, though. Once, not too long ago but it seems like a world away now, in a very bitter and acrimonious incident, I was nearly made homeless by people who I once thought were my closest and dearest. Nothing out of something – subjugation and obliteration in the midst of wealth and religious self righteousness. Now, a homeless person is helping me create a cosy home for myself and Lucy. Something out of nothing – simple goodness and consideration from one who has naught.

A whole new paradigm. A cosmic shift. And such undeserved favour along my journey towards Being.


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