I sold my Tag Heuer watch today. I’ve wanted to sell it for some time, but wasn’t determined enough to make much effort before. Now, my friend is in need and I want to help, I felt it the right time to try again. I sold it for pretty much less than similar watches on eBay, because it was due for a servicing and so I factored in the projected servicing cost. The buyer is a lovely lady. I hope she likes the watch. It was with me for a very long time, and now it is a collector’s piece, as that model has been discontinued.

Strange to say, I was never attached to that watch in a dynamic way. Perhaps because of its origins. It was a gift from someone I no longer have anything to do with. A crass, hardhearted, calculative person with a shrewd ability to manipulate and gain the upper hand in every social situation. He was a young child when I knew him, and even then, I saw this trait in him. I was sad that our connection was severed, but I do not miss him in my life, he was one of the toxic relationships I was mired in, a complex saturation of nature and nurture. This watch served me well, as a piece of functional machinery, and I maintained it as faithfully as I could, again, because I do not abuse my physical belongings – nothing more. Was I sad to see it go? Not at all. It went to someone who wanted it more than I do, and the money will go to someone who I want to help very much more than my ownership of a luxury watch. I also made a new connection as a result of this sale – the lovely lady who bought the watch, that is.

The only downside? I now do not have a watch I can wear for daily use. Time to get that Hello Kitty timepiece, perhaps? After I’ve saved up enough money of course. The money from this sale has to be delivered intact to its intended owner.

Satisfaction. 🙂

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