UNSWFree&ForSaleSomeone who has been very generous and supportive of me has suffered a terrible blow, and I want to try and raise some money to help. I don’t have money, but I thought I could sell some things that I have not used for a long time. I listed three items in the UNSW Free & For Sale Facebook group page. It is an open group, so anyone can join, and I think anyone can read the posts, so if you are curious you can view the original thread somewhere on the group page if you scroll down. Click here if you care to have a look at it in situ. The first response the post received was from a student in the medical sciences. Unfortunately, it was not a potential buyer asking questions about the items.

My initial reaction was shock, at the reverberating vitriol. Then I began to ponder… is this way of communicating a kind of ‘casual contemporary-speak’? There are complexities here, of course, to much to dwell on in a simple blog. However, I cannot but feel slightly alarmed at the way some people are expressing themselves on social media. What is alarming to me is the realisation that trolls are not merely people who sit around all day in dark dungeons scouring the internet for avenues to paint their sociopathic/psychopathic expressionisms, but many are people in our midst, studying among us, graduating with us, working with us or serving us in offices, hospitals, shops, restaurants, cafes etc.

Since I took the screenshot, a really kind commenter emerged, so I am heartened to find that there are still very good, decent young people – well just any people – around! It was an interesting foray into the wild wobbly world of young-adult dominated social space indeed.UNSWFree&ForSale 2

P.S. If you are interested in buying any of the items, please send me a message via any of these Gumtree ads:

Fendi bubble watch

Fendi monogram belt

Louis Vuitton vintage pouch

I related this incident to a friend, and he made a comment that sticks in my mind, which I shall have to chew on and ponder a little more thoroughly. I did not see it this way before my friend’s perspective, that I may actually have a valid reason to be afraid in some way or other for my personal safety, as a result of the comments made by the troll. That this may warrant a police report did not cross my mind. Now, I have to think about it… ah, yet another tangent…

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