Autism ≠ Developmental Delay

Such a powerful post! It took me a few weeks to be able to respond with semantic textual coherence. I am 49, and I still feel enshrouded by a heavy ‘straight jacket’ of ‘impairment’ – and spend a lot of my own inner thought life and external expression constantly trying expunge the strongholds. As children, we are told what we are – deficient – by others who are not us, others who are locked inside their own perceptions and straight jackets of Deficiency – and we weave these insidious threads into the complex tapestries of our beings. But Emma is a light shining in a grim dark place, thank you for your insights of truth and hope!

Emma's Hope Book

There were few things that led us more astray than the idea of autism being a developmental delay.  Last week Emma wrote, “Autism is not a developmental delay, rather it is a different road entirely.” I was reminded of this last night as I watched a video from 2006 when we took Emma, who was then four-years old, to meet the late Stanley Greenspan.  (This post is not about Stanley Greenspan or his method.  His name is brought up only because of the video that inspired this post.)

Watching that video last night was brutal.  The private hell of regret is a cruel place to linger.  Emma described her experience of watching the video last night as “wading into the marsh of worry and fear, but quiet love was there even when the days were dark.”   In typical Emma-fashion she generously and compassionately reminded me that it was not…

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