I shall write when I find the words. For now, here is the journey through the lenses of a food-o-logue.

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6 thoughts on “food-o-logue

  1. Hi Dawn,

    With what do you dress your cucumber, if I may ask? It looks so tasty! I see sesame seeds…
    You see, I get bored very easily, not with eating, but with cooking – the thought of a new taste revs my motors without fail 🙂

    My slow internet is really driving me nuts… while I wait for something to load (impatient me) I do something else, then I forget I was waiting… by the time I remember, everything has moved on and somethings have vanished, others appearing only the next day.
    On top of this, once America has warmed up, Oz will be waking up too, which coincide nicely with my bedtime, which means I miss all the fun anyhow.
    It’s a shambles in my head at the moment!
    See, I am a grumbler! HA HA!

    • Haha that is not grumbling, Anne. That is just stating facts. 🙂 Grumbling, to me, is the “I hate my life” “I wish I had a better car” kind of rant.

      Oh, I use a South East Asian influenced dressing with a dash of Japanese: Thai fish sauce, olive oil, wasabe and lime or lemon juice, then sesame seeds and Japanese seaweed. Refreshing on a hot summer’s day!

      • I don’t have wasabe or seaweed on my shelves – must get some! Thanks!

        I DO wish I had a better camera hee, hee (my decent camera’s lens has packed up and taking photos is my life!!), but I am prepared to wait and work for it!

        Hope you and your angel are nicely rested now!

      • Oh I know that feeling of wishing for things, Anne! I do so wish I had more money so I can afford things for Lucy like better medical care (she needs Xrays etc), and yes I am working towards that. I guess it is merely the sense of entitlement and constant grumbling that one doesn’t easily get these things that irritates me about some people… These people tend not to balance their ranting with positive happy utterances, and that gets me down.

      • Ah YES, there is a big difference! I think there is a difference between wishing and feeling entitled! I never feel entitled, and I am positive neither do you!xxx

      • To be honest, my worldview used to be very narrow, and my social-familial culture lent itself easily to feelings of entitlement. I went through a cathartic paradigm shift since beginning on my journey of finding Self and breaking free from the oppressive role of Subaltern to Familial Colonial Power. A very long and arduous journey, which led me eventually to Lucy. Well worthwhile!

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