LITTLE SWEETS 小甜心 – a sensory odyssey

Little Sweets

Announcing my upcoming exhibition:

Little Sweets 小甜心 – a sensory odyssey

Please click on above link or photo for the exhibition webpage. Photos will be uploaded and updated as we go along.

This exhibition is inspired by my beautiful Greyhound, Lucy.

In my quest to better understand Lucy, I stumbled upon canine sensory studies and the many fascinating correlations with my own research in hypersensory idioysncrasies inherent in autism. To honour our very special connection, and the wonderful world that Lucy has opened up to me, entire proceeds from sales of installation pieces will be donated to Greyhound Rescue (

Christmas is around the corner, decorate with quirky pieces for a worthy cause – and of course, come along for a sensory adventure and freshly baked cupcake!

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