Typing to Communicate & Busy Work

A powerful post about the effort it takes some of us to respond to innocuous interactions. Most people, whether Aspie-types or NTs, have little understanding about how arduous a task it can be just to reply to a simple question, for those facing different challenges and using different modes of communication. I am fully verbal, often verbose, but I suffer a lot from painful autoimmune flare ups, and the mouth ulcers can be so excruciating that eating is a monumental confrontation in itself. It costs a lot for me to respond to social fluff like, “How are you?” – pain is the currency. I think the world would be far less full of extraneous irrelevant fluffy chat if more people understood. Thank you for yet another wonderful post, Ariane and Emma!

Emma's Hope Book

Typically in school life there is a certain amount of busy work that one is expected to do, forms that need to be filled out (repeatedly), words that you are expected to say whether you mean them or not, because it is what we as a society do.  “It’s just the way it is,” we are told.

However, let’s say you cannot speak and must type to communicate.  And let’s say you are in school where upon arrival you are expected to sit down, state write your name, what day of the week it is and the date.  You are also expected to say write at least one sentence about the weather and another sentence to describe how you’re feeling.   Now let’s also pretend that typing is really difficult for you and it takes you some time to do so in the best of circumstances.

For example, writing five sentences…

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