guardian angel

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My baby girl has been unwell. A yeast infection. Poor darling, she has been very brave and spunky, but I notice the little signs of discomfort, like sleeping more than usual (yes, I never thought that was possible for a Greyhound!), walking slower, subtle tiredness and not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings. She still attacks her food with her usual gusto, though, so that is a good sign.

And she still watches over me, from her comfy spots in bed and the couch.

This is one of my favourite Gershwin songs, which I sometimes sing to Lucy. She loves being sung to at bedtime. 🙂 I was devastated when dad passed on. He is the Golden Standard as far as I am concerned. But now I have Lucy, I already have Someone to Watch Over Me. And in a way so perfect, I am not sure any human could ever compare.

2 thoughts on “guardian angel

  1. Your heart must be in a permanent state of melt; it’s those Lucy eyes! 🙂
    Hope she feels her energetic self again soon! We suffer along with them, don’t we!
    Oh, and SUPER captures of your angel regailing in rich colours on her couch 🙂

    You must miss your dad! I shall protect my little orchid in memory of him for you :)xx

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