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Jam packed Sunday. But we had great fun. The sunshine returned, after a few days of rain. We love the sunshine, Lucy and I. I experimented with a few crochet flowers. I’ve not made any for some time, and the tension wasn’t too even, but with some practice, I think I’ll get better at it. I think the turquoise flower looks cute on Lucy’s red collar. Lucy lay on the couch, basking in the sunshine, while I ate lunch. A quickie lunch of noodles, home grown veggie, preserved salted verggie and an egg. I am quite pleased with the way my little container garden is coming along. The Asian greens are tasty and tender.

The highlight of the day was our trip to Coogee Beach. Our friend Susan invited us to the beach. It was our very first time at the beach together. I am guessing that Lucy had never been to the beach before, judging from her reaction. She seemed thrilled, sniffing around and looking around with great interest. We walked quite a bit, but the smell of the sea and the breeze energised me. It was crowded, and I did feel a tad overloaded, but the luxurious olfactory delight was a worthy reward. Lucy was having fun, until we walked by a group of men playing with what looked like a drone. The whirring sound triggered Lucy and set off a deeply ingrained memory from her racing past. It sounded like the mechanical lure in the race tracks. Lucy became very agitated. I took her away as quickly and calmly as I possibly could. Her anxiety somehow made me refocus, away from my own fear, and onto the task of helping her.

Lucy was agitated throughout the rest of our walk from this point on. We tried to sit down and watch the sunset, but Lucy was so restless, she began to back away resolutely, trying to drag me away. We continued walking, while my friend rang her husband to come and pick us up. Lucy wanted to go onto the beach, but there were notices telling us that dogs are not allowed on the beach. Fortunately, our transport arrived not long afterwards.

The Princess is snoring away in bed now. Time for me to crawl in with my cuddle pup. I do love the smells and sounds at the beach, but it can be quite overwhelming,


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