Wet, wet, wet, soggy doggy day. Lucy and I are not happy troopers. But we are troopers nevertheless. If that makes any sense? Thinking about seepage… My brain is still in non-verbal modality, so here are some word stims, dressed up as poetry, (for the sake of empathic reciprocity between neurologies – we try to use common terminology?)…




seeping, creeping, dripping, bubbling

slithering under

fabric of dynamic matter

burdensome smells

dark eloquence



dysthymic blobs

frothy socks

soggy paws

shake, shake, shake

cellular fizz





permeating mist

it tastes blue

looking for shelter

green umbrellas

boggy floors

pitter patter

breathing water

cold feet

absorbing through holes

in reflective cheese


6 thoughts on “porous

  1. Love the sensory pics! But feel the decidedly uncomfortable wetness on skin through word stims. I love the rain and sloshing through wetness in my wellingtons, but I DO NOT like the feel of cold wetness on my skin!

    • I actually love water – I love swimming, and the sound of water around me. Strangely, however, high humidity and rainy weather (either warm or cold) triggers hypersensory pain all over my body, and nausea (because of the heavier smells and the rot). Lucy, of course, just doesn’t like the wet, wet, wet! 🙂

      • I love the sound of water too, and I can sit and watch moving water for hours; my dream in fact is to own land with a stream running through it. I love the feel of warm water, especially as in a shower, but cold water, like rain, feels like icicles stinging my skin, and I have to be dying of heat to even want to ease myself into a pool.
        I have to say though, that a natural pool in a forest, or a rock pool in the sea, is sometimes SO enticing, that I can overcome any cold shock to the system 🙂

      • I love swimming in the pool at home, there are Frangipane trees and the pool is beautiful when the flowers fall. But not for me the public bathing places, I have sensory horror of human bodies in the same pool with me. Mmm, a natural pool sounds lovely for wading in but I am a coward, I fear stinging creatures etc. I was stung by various critters in the sea and I am now wary about swimming in the sea too. Just walking along water is a calming and exhilarating sensory boost. If not available, the humble shower does help some!

      • Oooo Frangipani reminds me of my gran, her favourite shrub. I savour the thought of the scent wafting on the breeze as I sit here.
        Public pools are too crowded just for starters! My brain simply does not cope with so much movement and noise! Natural pools would have the same effect if any foreign human bodies were to interrupt, but secluded, crystal clear, oh exhilarating!
        Yes, walking along water is just as you say for me too, especially on a balmy evening, the beach a slowly moving colour treat, including reflections, the water lapping in around my ankles.

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