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The combined effect of bright sunlight, clear skies and a surrealistic warmth on a winter’s day, with calm, tranquil isolation, no verbal interaction apart from the odd smile-nod-Thank-You when passers by remarked how beautiful my baby was (during our morning walk), and a deliciously satisfying lunch of lightly pan fried, thinly sliced beef fillet, buttered rice and kale. The beef fillet was a gift from Rick, which sat frozen in my freezer all week. I shared half of it with my baby girl, who gobbled her share up raw, of course. I did use the opportunity to do some recall exercises with her, within the confines of our tiny home. I even managed to entice her into the claustrophobic bathroom, where she remained in “stay, wait” position while I disappeared from her view around the corner, until I called to her to “come!” Good girl. Juicy, fresh, quality raw beef fillet does help, doesn’t it?

She sniffed around a bit more afterwards, wanting a taste of my cool mango juice and fizzy mineral water with cooked sweet potato cubes. Nope, not for you, Princess Lucy! Ah, but mummy relented and gave her a few sweet potato cubes, sans the juice.

The Moxie Minx is now basking in the sunlight that is streaming through the balcony window, sprawled across the couch. I shall join her there soon, where I plan to continue working on my exhibition notes and sketches.

Sensory nourishment, probity and rectitude indeed!

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends.


6 thoughts on “soporific

    • I am loving the Sydney weather thus far! I enjoy dry warmth, my senses function best in this environment. Lucy and I hate the wet cold or even wet warmth, anything rainy and damp in general! 🙂

      • You won’t believe it when I tell you I LOVE a rainy day; icy cold rain exhilerates me! But the sun warm on my back on a winters day is one of the most delicious feelings. I again dread the heat of summer! 🙂

      • Ah, our sensory quirks are varied indeed. I know someone who loves cool rainy days too, but for me, I become depressed when there is no natural light and in high humidity my muscles ache terribly and I feel nauseous from the smells! 🙂

      • Oh I agree about the natural light, but I am lucky, my home has massive windows and where I work even the doors are glass.
        My muscles ache all the time too, especially my calves (you know, because I love the rain, I have never noticed if the pain is worse when the humidity is high); it is so demoralizing to wake after a good sleep, and there those calves are, still aching, sigh, like right now (I’m still cosy under my duvet:)). The smells are definitely augmented, that I have noticed, and yes that does make me feel nauseous too. Again fortunately, there aren’t too many smells here. Little did I realise how fortunate I am huh!

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