Tonight, I eat with a deep sense of gratitude. The pain levels are low, albeit still present (I cannot remember a drug-free-pain-free day in my life anyway, so this is good!), but I am able to enjoy the crunchy textural success of my latest batch of kale chips! More than this, I am thankful for having food to enjoy, a safe and comfy roof over my head, and an Angel in My Bed.

After an afternoon cuddling on the couch with my Angel, and working on my exhibition sketches and notes, I am now tucking into a mutli-textural dinner of Thai-style stir fried thinly sliced beef fillet (marinated with fish sauce, oyster sauce, lemongrass, mint, basil, and sesame oil), on a bed of kale chips and rice. The Princess had her usual kibble – I aim for the day when I can feed her 100% top quality raw – with sweet potato and a spoonful of coconut oil, and she is now snoozing contentedly in bed.

Another clement day. I aim to squeeze in a bit more work after dinner, before crawling into bed with my warm vanilla hound. An idea brewing in my head needs to be executed before it rots away.


8 thoughts on “grateful

    • I removed the leafy parts from the stem, rinse, then drain and dry as much as possible (I shake them vigorously in the colander wrapped in kitchen cloth!). When sufficiently free of moisture, toss in olive oil. I didn’t add salt because I wanted to share some with Lucy, but if it’s just for us humans, you can add salt, pepper, paprika etc. Put in oven on low heat for around 40 minutes but remember to monitor it so it doesn’t burn. Oven this time was very low, around 70-100C.

      • Thank you for sharing so generously! 🙂
        I use only a coupla drops of sesame oil which is all it takes, amazingly! I even have both fish and oyster sauce in my fridge, no lemongrass though. I love to do Asian meals off and on.

      • I am trying to grow lemongrass, the dry weather here is ideal, and it doesn’t get too cold in Sydney. I was successful back in my old house, but the housemate from hell literally ruined my plants by dumping all kinds of rubbish from her bird cage onto them without caring. Now trying to grow them again. They smell lovely, even as room scent!

      • Sorry to hear you had a housemate from hell! You MUST be pleased to have your space to youself (well you and Lucy) now!
        I wonder if I could get hold of lemongrass here, and whether it would grow!

      • It was a sobre learning experience indeed! 🙂 But we are happy here on our own, despite the tiny size of the flat. I think you should be able to get lemongrass, if you look in the Asian shops there. If the weather is warm enough, it should grow well.

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